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Neïtah Janzing


Neïtah Janzing

Neïtah Janzing (*1997) organized monthly public readings in the Bibliothèque St-Germain in Saint Hyacinthe, Canada over the course of her studies in costume design and stage design. She immigrated to Germany in 2019 and, in its capital, joined the Résau des Autrices francophones de Berlin, the network of French-speaking writers in Berlin. The network mutually realizes public readings, editorial reviews and text workshops. Janzing was the web resident at Hôtel des Autrices on two separate occasions and presented short poems at a hospital in Madrid, Spain in 2021 as part of the initiative Cultura en Vena. As part of her Briefprojekte (Letter Projects), she invites the participants to write letters to people they do not know. She has already tested out the format in the Czech Republic and Germany and will now further develop it as part of her residency. In Münsterland, she will create postcards from her photos of the region and send her impressions, expressed in just a few words, to people she does not know.

During her residency, Neïtah Janzing’s texts will be translated by Odile Kennel.

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